It is super easy to think that there is no way possible that you will ever forget what it feels like to be pregnant. I used to feel that way too and did it four times just to really test the theory.

Of course I do remember some of the good stuff . And a bit of the less fun stuff too.

Like being tired and uncomfortable. My babies were all 10lb plus which is not something I will forget in a hurry.

But life became increasingly busy with each addition.

And the sweet, precious moments of wonder, excitement, anticipation and connection, have certainly faded a little more than I would like to admit.

The reality is, that as soon as a new baby arrives, the being and doing of parenting completely takes over. And it can be hard to remember a time before your little one was here.

Add to that a year of sleepless nights and you’ve got no chance.

But there is a very simple solution to this problem. Maternity photos! Pregnancy Photos! Belly Photos! Bump Photos!

Whatever you want to call them – yay for photos!

Because photos of your beautiful belly at this time will definitely help you to remember what it was like. Long after you are pregnant no more.

Maternity Photography Packages

At Foxbelle Photography our Maternity Photography sessions are relaxed and elegant. They aim to capture the connection that you have with your unborn baby and can include partners and siblings. Pets too!

Maternity Photography packages start at $950 and include a 1 hour photography session (in-home or location at sunset) and a secure online viewing gallery.

Best of all, book your Maternity Photography Session at the same time as your Newborn Photography Session, and you will save $100.

To find out more

Please, get in touch. I’d love to create something really beautiful for your growing family.

And if you’d like to view Jess & Dan’s intimate and love soaked In-Home Newborn Photography session with devine baby Nola, you can do that here.

Love Ingrid x

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