Ingrid is a portrait and lifestyle photographer who offers her services right across Melbourne, Australia as a Maternity Photographer, Newborn Photographer, Baby Photographer, Family Photographer and Small Business Branding Photographer

I can see the magic in you

Foxbelle Photography - Newborn Baby Photographer Melbourne

oh hey, i'm ingrid!


Photographer of people, places and plants. Mum of four. Wife to one.


Consider a photoshoot with me as a relaxed catch up with an old friend. We'll walk, talk, giggle and play. And it won't feel at all like we've only just met (or that I'm there to take your photo).


With a knack for sensing energy levels, my job is to guide the flow of your session to ensure that your experience is as light and enjoyable as possible.


At the same time, I will be directing and positioning, tweaking and fine tuning, considering light, frame and angles, asking questions, listening and observing. And inviting you to be completely present with the ones you love.


Through my work I aim to capture the true nature of love, joy and connection by using a combination of traditional portraiture (look at the camera and smile), lifestyle (natural story-telling moments) and documentary (no direction) photography for each and every session.


You should come away from our time together feeling excited and assured that we have captured the very essence of who you are.



noun | / fam.i.ly/


people in your life who are close to your heart. who bring out the best in you. who laugh, celebrate and dream with you. who love you infinitely.

Foxbelle Photography - Family Photographer Melbourne


To acknowledge the raw beauty of life through the art of photography is an opportunity to illuminate connection.


Photos provide a constant visual reminder that we matter. That we live, love and belong. And that regardless of what life throws at us, that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.


As a Mum, I know just how quickly our children change and grow. And I know that one day, my babies will be too big to sit on my lap for cuddles. That they'll no longer reach out to hold my hand as we walk.


And while I accept that life will be different then, I never want to forget those moments.


Photos allow us to revisit those memories over and over again. They provide an anchor for our children and a comfort to us.


This is why I love photography so much. And why I have nurtured and grown my business over the years to support the key phases of your family life with honesty, humour, integrity and love.


So whether it is the glow and anticipation of pregnancy, those early days at home with a newborn, or any of the days that follow, I am dedicated to delivering a warm and supportive space for you to celebrate and document all that you are and all that you have created together.


Family photos THIS PAGE by Kelly Adams


All other photos by me

As a natural light photographer, my work has been

described as magical, earthy, playful & fun












In the spirit of reconciliation, I acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners and custodians of this beautiful and precious land that I am so lucky to live, work and play on. I also wish to pay my respects to all Elders, past and present, who have resided in this area and extend that respect to other Indigenous people who are present.

Love & Light x

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