Introducing baby Hattie. This sweet little lady was 17 days old when she came into my Melbourne based studio. She was bursting with life (and an unbridled enthusiasm for wakefulness) during her newborn photography session.

During delivery she sustained a cephalohematoma which caused swelling on the top of her tiny little head.  It will go away on its own over a number of weeks or months and she was not bothered at all by it.

Studio sessions are quite different from in-home sessions, yet they are both beautiful.

The colour palette of a studio session is neutral and timeless. And the whole session is focussed on your brand new babe and all of their precious little details.

During the session your baby is gently moved through a flow of natural, comfortable poses. Where possible macro shots are always included.

A custom studio newborn posing beanbag is where baby lays for the majority of their session.

A variety of wraps and blankets are provided and washed after each little visitor.

The studio heating is monitored to allow baby to comfortably sleep with little to no clothing.

Editing each photo takes a little longer and requires greater colour control and skin correction.

I can’t decide which style I like best which is why it is so great that clients have the option to choose either.

Welcome to the world baby girl, it was such a pleasure to meet you and your gorgeous Mum.

Find out more about a Newborn Photoshoot for your little one or get in touch to book your own.

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