This is gorgeous baby Kairi during her in-home lifestyle family photography session. And as you can see, she is definitely not a newborn anymore.

Instead she is a lively, inquisitive, curious and cheeky little person who loves to play and cuddle and take in all the world around her has to offer.

And while she might not be a newborn, she is at a truly wonderful stage. A stage that is absolutely worth documenting.

I know that life in the time of Coronavirus is making things very hard for expectant or new parents. Parents who don’t want to miss out on documenting a really fleeting and precious time of their lives. But there is some good news.

At least for new parents anyway (my heart breaks for all the pregnant mumma’s who’s body’s are working to a non negotiable timeline and will potentially miss having their beautiful bellies photographed at this time – curse you COVID-19).

But I also know how much you are looking forward to you little one arriving. And how much you want to capture those early days at home with your newborn baby. The tiny details and wrinkles that can only belong to a newborn baby.

But older babies are so beautiful too and before you know it your little one will be smiling and cooing and providing loads of gorgeous eye contact and cuddles.

And that is so worth documenting too. I promise you.

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Love Ingrid xx

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