This is beautiful baby Makayla during her Yarra Valley Newborn Photography session in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Makayla was six weeks old at her session and had so many gorgeous expressions to share with us.

Even though the recommended age for newborn photography is between 1-2 weeks, I love to photograph babies of all ages and consider the newborn stage to be anything up to 3 months. 

Younger babies are generally more curled up and sleepy which makes for those lovely squishy, newborn photos. But older babies have started to make eye contact, smile and respond to sound.

Each of these ages are absolutely perfect for documenting your newborn baby and you will never want to forget either. Sometimes you just need a little more time to get settled before inviting somebody into your home to take photos. I completely understand.

Whatever the age of your baby, we will create beautiful memories for your family to cherish for generations. Just try to remember to get in touch while you are still pregnant to make a booking. The dates are something that we can work out later, but I only have limited space each month allocated to newborn and baby photography.

Love Ingrid x

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