This is beautiful baby Matilda during her very first photoshoot at her home in Bayside, Melbourne. Matilda was 8 weeks old at the time her newborn photos were taken and weighed only 3kg.

After a difficult pregnancy, Matilda arrived early into this world and wasted no time in stealing the hearts of all those around her, including her proud Grandfather and sister-hound, Ellie.

Ellie made it very clear that she wanted to be a part of as many photos as we would allow and Matilda slept through almost everything. She did wake during the last half an hour to reward us with her beautiful, soulful (and somewhat cheeky) gaze though. It is so special when newborn babies open their eyes!

I can't wait to see how Matilda grows and changes over the coming years and am so honoured to be a part of documenting her journey.

To all the new Mumma's out there, it is never too late to photograph your newborn baby and it definitely doesn't need to happen in the first two weeks. Document the little moments now and enjoy them forever.

Newborn photography sessions also make the best gifts for this expecting and pets are always welcome. Grandparents too!

Love Ingrid xx

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