As a Melbourne based Lifestyle Photographer I specialise in capturing the details of your Newborn Baby in the comfort of your own home.

Meet baby Zava and her darling big sister who is still only a baby herself.

Sometimes I wonder if it is easier to have all of your babies in quick succession. Just get all the sleepless nights over and done with.

Or if spreading them out and having a bit of a break between each one is the way to go.

Who knows? I’m, sure there is probably no right or wrong answer to that question.

And it would be different for each family.

My mum, for example, had two babies under one. It was definitely hard for her but then she had a good five year gap before I came along. She always said it was nice to have me all to herself while the older kids were at school.

In my family, we’ve ended up with a two year gap between them all (give or take). I think it’s because one year olds are so absolutely adorable. It’s always at that point that we felt the need to make more just like them.

Anyway, no matter what your plan might be, I’m here to help you remember what this beautiful, chaotic time was like, long after it is over.

Find out more about in-home newborn photography or get in touch to book your own.

Love Ingrid xx

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