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The thing about Newborns | Melbourne Newborn Baby Photographer

It might feel like an endless spiral of nappy changes, burping and sleepless nights but the newborn phase is going to be over well before you can say, I’ve got this.

Your baby is developing at a million miles an hour and is taking in a mountain of new experiences for themselves. Some, like smiling, will be shared lovingly with you.  Others you won’t even realise are occurring.

There is comfort in knowing that this crazy phase will soon pass, but there are also so many reasons you’ll never want to forget it.

  1. Tiny fingers and toes
  2. That smell…gah!
  3. That downy back of the neck hair softness
  4. Windy smiles
  5. Ridiculously tiny outfits
  6. Yawns and stretches
  7. Chest nuzzles
  8. Milk gulps
  9. First smiles
  10. Hiccups
  11. Tiny bottoms – enough said
  12. Watching them sleep

So amidst the chaos, be sure to stop, reflect and enjoy all the tiny marvellous moments that make up your little ones first months on earth because in no time at all you’ll be chasing a toddler.

Jessie Obialor is a Melbourne Event and Editorial photographer.  This is her beautiful family and brand new baby boy, Archie.

Find out more about professional newborn photography for your family, or get in touch and I will answer any questions that you may have.

Love Ingrid x

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