This is the Caust Family and their lovely brood of three girls. For their family photoshoot, they chose the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne.

Although they had been gifted a newborn voucher, they decided to wait until their sweet baby girl was a little bit older. And have the photos taken outside in nature.

It may seem that an hour before sunset is way too late to have your children outside. Especially if a consistent routine is your friend at home. But I promise you that kids love being out at this time. And the novelty of it means that there are rarely ever meltdowns or tears.

I always recommend that you bring snacks and water though. And if possible leave for your session a little earlier so that smaller people can nap in the car.

The reason outdoor sessions are scheduled for this time is because of the light. Beautiful, soft golden light. It is glorious. It is flattering. And you will definitely want it in your family photos.

Learn more about my flavour of professional family photography to see if you think we’d be a great fit.

Love Ingrid xx

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