Family Photography is all about having fun. And family photography on the beach at golden hour is about as fun as it gets.

For as little as an hour of your time you will be given the most wonderful opportunity to reconnect. To talk. Be a bit silly. And laugh with the ones you love.

And as you do, I will be busily recording your interactions. Documenting the connection that you share. And capturing all of those beautiful, in-between moments. Because these are what you will want to remember. Long after they are gone.

I will then translate these moments into real hold in your hand photos. Photos that will bring a smile to your face on the days when adulting is hard. And be held hard against your children’s hearts, long after you are gone.

Maybe it’s been 10 years since you last updated your family photos, or perhaps your family has only just begun. Either way, I’d love to hear from you.

This is the Price Family. On the eve of their youngest daughter’s eleventh birthday they chose to celebrate with a Family Photography Session at Brighton Beach, Melbourne. It was such magical way to document the occasion.

And one that will be remembered forever.

Love Ingrid ~ Mother, Wife, Photographer, Memory Catcher xx


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