Wow. This Family. They take natural (and love soaked) family photography to a whole new level.

Everybody’s reason for organising a photoshoot is different. But it doesn’t matter who we are, what we want from the session is always the same. Memories. Moments. Photos. Tangible records of who we are and where we belong. Something that symbolizes love, connection and a moment in time that tells our individual story.

For this family it was so many things. Survival, accomplishment, compassion and most of all, celebration and LOVE.

This family photography session also marked the 18th birthday of a very brave man. The brother to FIVE big sisters and the son to a fearless and beautiful, firey haired mumma.

Happy birthday Ace, you earned this day kiddo. I am truly humbled to have been invited into your world for just a few hours.

You can read what this photoshoot meant to this family in Mumma’s own words below.

Love Ingrid xx

Words from a proud Mumma

“Today for me was my life’s dream. With so many dark events in our lives and struggles that we have shared together and alone. It was the page that I needed in my book of life to know that we made it! We have hit every wall, we have struggled with dramatic events, life changing situations and also the prognosis for Ace to have Angel wings by the age of 3. To get to this day with all my kids beside me means that we rewrote our destiny, we have all survived life’s punishments. We have built a bond that will never be broken through shear persistence and along the way grown by gaining partners, children and making them our family.

It’s hard to explain the hard work year after year that has gone in to holding us all together. Stressing if we will all make it through to this day.

I adore my kids. They are my world, my life together with our partners. I have my family. I have my dream. And I get to see it and share it.

My Mum didn’t get a photo of all her children and grandchildren together because the day that photo was taken was the day we said goodbye to her. How she would have loved that one simple photo.

Simply priceless. Thank you SO much.”

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