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How To Get A Reluctant Hubby On Board With Family Photos

The words family + photography have the potential to evoke an involuntarily groan from even the most supportive husbands or partners.

Especially if they are yet to realise that family portraits have come along way since the 80’s.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Family photography can be an opportunity to connect with the people you love in a way that feels both natural and fun.

And you should feel confident that the end result isn’t going to resemble a montage from

This guide is designed to help you coach a reluctant spouse over the line. I hope it helps.

Natural Family Photos by Foxbelle Photography

1.When they don’t yet understand why having beautiful family photos is so important to you

There is often one person in each family that assumes the role of photo-taker.  And in most cases that person is usually called ‘Mum’.

If this is you, then chances are that you have a billion photos of your kids and husband/significant other, but very few, if any, of you.

And while there are lots of reasons why we, as Mums, may not exist in as many family photos as we’d like, here a just a few.

– It’s hard to be in the photo if you’re the one taking it, unless you have some kind of cool fang-dangled selfie stick.

– We appreciate it when our husbands or partners take photos of us but sometimes they don’t quite turn out the way we’d hoped (cue crazy hair, double chins and milk-stained t-shirts).

– We might not always look or feel that fabulous, but we want to.

Never assume that your partner or husband already understands why beautiful, connected photos with your family are so important to you. Because, once he does, you’ll probably find that he’s more than happy to support you.

However, if the cost of photography is also a barrier, move on to Tip #2 for more useful advice.


2. When affordability is the issue

When it comes to their intrinsic value and irreplaceability, photos tend to fall firmly under the category of significant importance.

After all what would be the first thing you would grab if you had to leave your home in an emergency?

And although there is no denying that affordability can be a legitimate constraint for some families, there are many practical options available.

Budgeting a small amount each week or month towards your goal and then booking only when you have the full amount set aside is one example. You could even request contributions in lieu of birthday, Christmas and Mother’s Day gifts.

Or if saving is not your strong suit, some photographers (like me) offer really flexible, interest free payment plans.

Money aside, there is nothing in this world that will increase in value to you over the years like photos of the ones you love.

And when you invest in professional photography you are buying so much more than photos. You are teaching your children about who they are and where they belong.

And the added bonus? Presents for the grandies will be sorted for the next 12 months, at least. Sweeeeet!

But what if they don’t enjoy having their photo taken? Keep on reading, I’ve got some helpful pointers for that too.

3. When they don’t like having their photo taken

You only have to look at some of the cringeworthy portraits from the 80’s and 90’s to understand why so many of us don’t like the idea of family photos.

But things have changed since then. A lot.

By doing your research and choosing a photographer with a more relaxed and natural style, your hubby might be pleasantly surprised to learn that family photos can actually be quite fun!

Which is where I come in.

A family session with me contains no cheese. No discomfort. And no scratchy hand-knitted jumpers (unless that’s your jam) or matchy-matchy outfits. Just you and your crew. And a whole lot of love.

It really is that easy. And if he doesn’t believe you, just show him some examples of my family photography.

Newborn Baby Alfie - Croydon Photographer

So there it is my friend. You are now ready to negotiate. Just remember, when all is said and done, you deserve to exist in beautiful photos WITH your family. We all do.

Love Ingrid x
Beautiful family beach photos by Foxbelle photography

If you found this guide useful, why not share it with a friend? And if you’ve totally nailed convincing your hubby that you need Family photos and ahe will be ok, get in touch today!

DISCLAIMER: The use of the term husband throughout this blog is not intended to generalize or discriminate in any way. 98% of enquiries for my Newborn and Family photo sessions come from woman. Many of those who express a need to ‘check with their husband’ do not end up booking a session. Photos for illustration purposes only – these Dads were all legends to work with.

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