Welcome to this sweet in-home newborn photography session with the Crane Family in South East Melbourne, who recently welcomed a new baby girl to their family.

When photographing a family with more than one child, the number one most-wanted shot is always the one with siblings together. This shot becomes even more precious if all children are looking at the camera, and there are extra bonus points on offer if everybody also looks happy.

But of course this doesn't always work out, because kids are kids. Toddlers, are toddlers. And babies, well, they are babies. But I have loads of tricks up my sleeves to entertain, distract and encourage this exact moment to unfold naturally. And I also have many years of experience and love a challenge!

Having a newborn photographer visit your home is the easiest way to document your family together in those first few weeks after your baby arrives. Everybody can relax, older children (and Dad) can be entertained easily when not needed and there is direct access to limitless snacks! Most of all, you don't have to get everybody into the car and drive somewhere. And then when it's all over, everybody can have a snooze or a bath or whatever they need. Easy peasy.

If you would love to create some beautiful memories for your family, please get in touch. I would love to work with you!

Love Ingrid xx

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