It takes nine months to grow every single hair, tiny crease, smooth curve, and incy wincy fibre. Brand new life created from just two tiny cells.  It’s hard to believe right?

You anticipate their arrival. Wonder who they will be. Hope that you are enough. And you wait.

You wait until you hear that first cry and instantly recognise the face that you have only ever imagined.

There is nothing in this world that can prepare you for the primal, intoxicating scent of your newborn baby.  Nor the intensity of love that will engulf you as a new parent. It really is incredible, don’t you think?  And it makes no difference if you a new parent for the first time or the fifth time. Because whenever a new human enters this world, and your arms, you become a new parent all over again.

I truly believe that babies are completely perfect, just as they are – no bells and whistles required.  And this is why I love to photograph them in comfortable, natural, baby-led poses using soft beautiful light.

It is important to me that you are able to remember all the tiny details. The expressions and bright eyes. Soft downy hair, snuggles, yawns, wrinkly knees, and the stretches. Because in those first few months with your newborn baby you are probably going to struggle to even remember your own name.  And that’s definitely normal, don’t worry.

But when you do eventually come up for air, all of those tiny newborn features would have disappeared. Having morphed into a slighter bigger, slightly altered, yet equally incredible version of your once brand new tiny baby.  And you are going to be so pleased that you have a way to remember it all because it goes WAY.  TOO.  FAST.

The most common response I get from clients when they receive their images is ‘I can’t believe he/she was…. that small…that alert….that curly…that squishy…that….’.  The list goes on.  But the sentiment is always the same, how quickly that time has passed.

So if beautiful and timeless baby led photos using muted, earthy or neutral tones is right up your alley, then I would love to hear from you.

The best time to book your Newborn Photography Session is while you are still pregnant. The earlier the better.  To ensure that I always have availability no matter when your little bundle decides to arrive I only book a limited number of newborns photography sessions per month.

And to celebrate the month of love AND the first birthday of my own little guy, I am offering a bonus of TWO 8×10″ prints to the NEXT three bookings made in February.  Oh, and don’t forget that all newborn sessions come with a complimentary Maternity Session.  Because by the time you’ve had your baby, you will have forgotten all about the bump!  Luckily, I’m here to help you remember.

Love Ingrid – Mother, Photographer, Baby Snuggler, Newborn Whisperer xx

P.S.  Below are a few favourites from a recent newborn session with this 5 day old beauty. She was both exceptionally sleepy and then deliciously alert, so we were able to get a huge variation of expressions, angles and poses.  And while these are just a few of my favourites, the average Newborn Gallery has 30+ loving hand edited images from which you may select.


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