Last month I had the pleasure of hanging out with baby Harry and his completely amazing parents, Samantha Gash and Mark Wales.

This pair of extraordinarily inspiring, humble and loved up humans first met during their time as contestants on Australia’s second series of Survivor, and have successfully gone on to commence their ultimate joint venture yet, parenthood.

Samantha is an endurance athlete who takes running across continents for various causes all in her stride.  She is also an ambassador for World Vision and The Royal Flying Doctors.

Mark is an ex-SAS Troop Commander and the vision behind KillKapture, a fashion label that produces a ‘killer’ range of leather jackets designed and handmade in New York City.

Together they make a superhuman team and there is no doubt in my mind that little Harry has a future set for adventure with his totally smitten parents, who have taken on their new role with ease and grace.

Samantha organised the right photographer for their family (lucky me!) well before baby Harry arrived, which means that they now have lifelong memories to enjoy once the fog of night feeds and nappies has well and truly lifted.

As a photographer of brand new humans, the intimate nature of being invited into somebody’s home shortly after the birth of their baby is not lost on me.  I want my presence to be unobtrusive and effortless and I want it to represent a time in those early days where a family can truly connect with one another and marvel at what they have created together.

If this sounds like something you would like for your own growing tribe, then I’d love to hear from you.  And of course it is always better to book your photographer while you are still pregnant – availability fills up fast.

You can read Samantha’s views on what was important to her when choosing a photographer, plus a little about her experience below.

Thanks again guys for inviting me into your world.  You have totally inspired me to start thinking about jogging again…does walking quickly to the local cafe for a coffee and cake count?

Love Ingrid, Mother, Photographer, Baby Snuggler, Nominated Swaddling Expert


In the month leading up to my due date I was a woman on a mission. Everyone kept telling me I should rest as ‘life would never be the same’ once our baby came into the world.  Irrespective of this I started DIY jobs, cleaned the house from top to bottom, rearranged and organised the contents of cupboards and tried to get on top of life admin. I nested hard!

I probably created more work for myself than I needed to but I am proud of myself for thinking to look into a Newborn Photographer and arranging for Ingrid to photograph Harry in his first week of life.

In my search for the right person to capture our baby I was looking for the following things. Someone who:

– Was from the Dandenong Ranges

– Would do an in home session

– Had a portfolio that reflected a photography style that was natural, edgy, captured the in between moments & looked equally good in black/white

– Was an immediate pleasure to communicate with

I was instantly drawn to Ingrid’s work and after we spoke she put me completely at ease.  It’s a big deal to have someone come into your home so shortly after returning home from hospital.  I knew I would likely be tired, emotional and overwhelmed.

The shoot was incredible and it was the best thing I organised in my pre-delivery manic state.  Ingrid worked with Harry’s schedule and she never required him to do something that wasn’t natural to him.  Ingrid’s presence is so calming that it gave my partner Mark and I the opportunity to put on the kettle and relax as Harry was safe and comfortable.

We couldn’t be happier.  She has captured our personality, the essence of our home life and our beautiful baby in his most scrumptious newborn ways.  The shoot made us feel even more connected as a family and now we have the memories of this special time to always look back on.

Samantha Gash x

P.s. Ingrid is the best baby swaddler – it must have something to do with the four babies she has of her own!


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