I have a little side hustle. Actually, it’s more of a side hustle to a side hustle – so a bit of a side hustle hustle, so to speak.

You see, back in the day when photography was my number one side hustle, we didn’t live in the hills. And then we moved to this glorious nature-inspired playground and my side hustle simultaneously became my main job.

Before long it was time to seek out a new hustle. And I didn’t have to look very far.

(If you’re new to the term side-hustle, it just means anything you do to earn money outside of your regular job.)

These days, my side hustle-hustle comes in the form of a cute little cottage that is available to rent for short-stays and is located in the heart of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges (less than 50km from Melbourne CBD).

Named after the many local roaming bunnies (and my own love of the long ear), Little Rabbit Cottage is a self contained luxury cottage that provides modern, cosy and open plan living for up to four guests.

Attracting visitors from all over the world, our little cottage has been very popular for pre and post wedding stays, romantic getaways, (including proposals), and family adventures. And it has received consistently positive reviews.

It wasn’t until the bookings started to slow down though that we realised it might be time to give the listing a bit of an online overhaul.  You see it’s easy to set and forget these things and I hadn’t looked at them in foreverrrrrrrrr.

If you’ve ever scrolled through Air Bnb looking for your next getaway, you probably already know that the properties with the nicest photos are the ones that are going to grab your attention. And our photos really weren’t measuring up – they were all looking a bit tired and a lot blah. Sooooo 2016.

So without going in to a full blown episode of home makeover (aint nobody got the time or budget for that) I was able to use the existing furnishings with some creative angles and modern editing to easily create some fresh new photos that captured the overall vibe of the place a a little more favourably than the last ones did.

And you know what? The response was immediate.

Having a more compelling feature image meant that more people began viewing our property, which in turn ranked it higher in the search results. And this meant more bookings.

Yay for updated photos!

So whether it’s your website, your social media content or your very own Air Bnb listing, when you are vying for the ever limited attention of your potential customers, photos definitely do matter.

Need updated photos?

Why not combine your visit with a family photo session and update your photos at the same time! Or get in touch to see how I can help you with updated imagery for your business or property listing.

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