This is the Cerquiglini Family during their Natural Studio Newborn Session earlier this month. They recently welcomed their second little baby boy into their arms and lives. And they couldn’t wait to have beautiful photos together with their newest family member.

Big brother Aaron was really taken by little Levi and, although he wasn’t up for any actual baby cuddles, he really enjoyed gently touching his tiny head. He also really enjoyed playing with the little wooden cars from the Studio. And driving them up Mum’s face.

Parents are often worried that older siblings won’t cooperate during their photoshoot and that they might miss out on the photos they really want. But I have so many tricks and distractions up my sleeve to keep big brothers and sisters involved. Sometimes all it takes is the sneaky placement of a sultana on a sleeping baby. Although we didn’t need to do that this time. Aaron was only too happy to get close to his brand new baby.

My natural light newborn and baby studio is located in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. Less than 50km from the city of Melbourne. Newborn sessions are ideally held between 1-2 weeks and should be booked while you are still pregnant.

You can read more about Newborn Photography or if you have a question, the FAQ page is the place to be.

Love Ingrid xx

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