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Melbourne Newborn Photography with Baby Jackson

Melbourne Newborn Photography with Baby Jackson in his Yarra Valley home. Combine in-home and outside photography during your newborn session.

Not all in-home newborn photos need to be taken inside. Why not include some photos out in your garden or in a local park?

Because they are outdoor people, that is exactly what baby Jackson’s parents wanted to do. So we quickly drove down to their favourite reserve at the end of their session and captured them all in nature together.

The most important thing about your newborn photography session is that it feels like you. If you have pets, let’s include them. If you like being outside, let’s do that too.

The newborn phase is over so quickly, and you are going to want to remember what that time was like. And how little they were. And when you are as tired as new parents often are, it’s going to be easy to forget. Let me take the hard work out of remembering for you with a gentle, relaxed and easy newborn photography session in your own home. Capturing you, and yours, exactly as you are.

More information on newborn photography across Melbourne is available here. Get in touch if I can help in anyway, I would love to hear from you.

Melbourne Newborn Photography with Baby Jackson

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