Personal Branding Photography with Roma Waterman

Roma recently came across my website while searching for a photographer to do a ‘simple’ personal branding photo shoot at her home. As part of her brief, Roma was after some updated photos for her website, as well as promotional shots for an upcoming launch for her online school. 

Roma is a talented musician and author who also runs an online training school for Christians who want to learn more about spirituality and faith.

One of the first things she said to me was that she ‘hates doing photo shoots!’.

She said that she gets really nervous and prefers to be behind the computer screen, and not showing up on it. And this is completely relatable and normal. Most people feel this way about having their photos taken, especially when the photos are going to be all about you!

It does get easier though, the more you do it. I promise. And following her session, Roma had the following to say about her personal branding photoshoot at her home:

“Ingrid it was such a joy to meet you and you made me feel so comfortable. It was honestly the most relaxed shoot I have ever had.

I was scared to open up the (gallery) and I sat here in fear, trembling with my husband and I nearly cried because they look so beautiful. They really look like me.

I have no words to express my gratitude to you, you have a gift and I am so very thankful I stumbled upon you on google!


Personal Branding Photoshoot in Warrandyte, Victoria with Roma Waterman | Melbourne Lifestyle Branding Photographer

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