Melbourne Family Photographer | Seven Reasons To Embrace Your Next Photoshoot

Sometimes when we look at beautiful photos on social media or online, it can be easy to think or feel that we don’t measure up and that maybe photoshoots are something that only work for other people. More beautiful people, or more special people. And this can leave us feeling a little bit inadequate and sad.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Nobody has a perfect life and everybody has things about their appearance that they don’t necessary like. But when it comes to shooting love and joy, none of this stuff is what matters.

So in an attempt to demystify any illusion (or delusion) of perfection, particularly if it is holding you back from showing up in photos with your family, I have come up with 7 reasons why you should feel confident enough to embrace the experience. And hopefully be pleasantly surprised by the results.

So here goes, I hope it helps.

1. 99% of the people I photograph have never-EVER engaged a professional photographer before and are equally freaked out and excited – this is normal and if you need proof, just check out a few of the photos from Priya’s recent session below. This family had NEVER had professional photos taken before and yet, just look at how natural, relaxed and happy they look.

2. Nerves and anxiety about the experience, how it will go and what the results will be like is also normal but I assure you, the experience will be way more fun that you might think.

3. Most people believe that they are NOT photogenic AT ALL and often feel pretty uncomfortable in front of a camera (again, totally normal – ‘being yourself’ or acting ‘natural’ is really hard to do when you have to ‘try’ and let’s be honest having someone all up in your face with a camera is not really something we are used to in everyday life, unless of course you are a celebrity).

4.  When you book in for family photography (or any photography) with me I will not be sending you an anxiety inducing guide of all the things you need to do to prepare for and style your photography session – instead I want you to be yourself, be open to having fun and wear what makes you comfortable (no fluoro though, ok?). Zero additional pressure is always a good thing when you may already feeling anxious about something. But if you do need advice or guidance on what to wear, I’m always here to help – some clients like to send photos through to see if everything they’ve chosen looks good together.

5. Altering your appearance in post production, unless it is to remove a non-permanent blemish such as a pimple, is not something I dabble in because you are already awesome and I have spent years perfecting angles and light to make sure you scrub up just so. 

6. Your only job during your session is to relax and have fun. My job is to work with you to invite/coerce/encourage YOUR version of joy, love and connection to be expressed – all without you probably even know that you’re doing it. 

7. There are no impossible standards to measure up to when it comes to who you are or what you look like. And there is no magic or trickery. All of the people I work with are just regular folk like you (and me), who each have their own passions, likes, dislikes, and insecurities. And, if you don’t believe me, you might just have to book in and find out for yourself. I really hope you do xx