Baby photos are pretty common these days. Newborns. Sitting babies. First birthdays. All the obvious milestones.

But what about the not so baby-baby photos?

The photos that capture your child transitioning from a two year old (baby) into a three year old (toilet trained, kinder going, independent big kid).

It might not seem like an obvious milestone to photograph, particularly if you are yet to witness an older child hurtling through the early school years.

But time is a slippery sucker.

Three years ago I was waiting to meet this guy and now, just a few blinks later, my baby is heading off into the realms of big-boyhood.

And I’m feeling both excited and nostalgic.

What we celebrated as an endless array of firsts, have suddenly become revered as ‘lasts’.

And we are reminded daily of all the things he can now do ‘by his own self’.

We may not be able to turn back the clock but we can always take these photos with us into the next chapter.

Happy third birthday sweet boy – may you never be afraid to be yourself.

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